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Sydney Gazebo and Cabana Timber Experts

Sydney ExpertsIf you’re looking to bring a touch of the tropical to your home, consider the relaxing times you could have outside with a timber cabana. Wooden cabanas and gazebos are an elegant and functional addition to any pool or garden and at Sydney Timber Supplies we have the quality wood and expert service that you are looking for to help you build your dream cabana.

1. Cabana and Gazebo Timber Experts

Our dedicated team has over 100 years of shared timber experience between them, so you can be sure of specialist timber expertise and knowledge to ensure you get the perfect timber and the right quantities for your timber cabana project.

2. Variety of Timbers

ExpertsWe can match your home’s unique style with a wide variety of wood available for cabana usage, including:

  • Treated Pine Wood:Treated pine timber that is ideal for your outdoor wooden features. Pine is easy to cut and install as it takes to nails and glue very easily. Our pine timber has also been treated to make it more durable to the elements and resistant to pests.
  • Primed Timber: Primed timber is easy to work with, has better consistency, and is quicker to paint.
  • Northern Box Timber
  • Silvertop Ash
  • Spotted Gum

Find out more on the supplies we carry on our landscaping timber and outdoor living pages on this site.

3. Great for the Poolside

Wooden cabanas and gazebos provide an elegant and shady poolside retreat. They’re great for taking shelter from the heat or the rain, and allow you to keep an eye on children swimming whilst you relax. A custom-designed gazebo could also perhaps provide a covered area for storing and hiding all the pool gear and chemicals.

4. Great for entertaining / BBQ

A timber cabana or gazebo is a perfect place to entertain visiting friends or family, or just to enjoy on your own! A covered outdoor area provides a safe haven if the weather turns bad and you can also build your BBQ grill into the structure and keep it dry at all times.

5. Increase your Home’s Appeal

As we all know, Sydney-siders love spending time outdoors and are attracted to homes with outdoor structures. A wooden cabana or gazebo can also share the same design and characteristics of your home and will add a touch of class to any property.

6. Timber Delivery Service

We can deliver the timber for your cabana or gazebo to anywhere in the Sydney Metro area for your total convenience.

For all your timber needs for your cabana or gazebo project, call and speak with the timber experts at Sydney Timber Supplies today.

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