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TimberFor an effective and elegant way to gain privacy, provide shade or to create a natural and stylish outdoor environment for your Sydney home, consider the timber screening solutions available from Sydney Timber Supplies. Our great wood, extensive knowledge and expert service has seen us become established as Sydney’s trusted timber merchants of choice over the last 50 years.

1. Timber Screening for all Locations

TimberTimber screens are loved by many due to their variety of applications. They are great to add privacy to the entrance of your home, or to enclose balconies, patios or to screen eyesores such as garbage bins and air conditioning units.

2. Expert Screening Advice

Our knowledgeable team has amassed over 100 years of shared timber experience between them and can advise you on the perfect timber and quantity to suit your timber screening needs. Speak to us if there are any other species of timber or sizes you require.

3. Northern Box Timber Screening

TimberNorthern Box hardwood is an ideal timber for your outdoor screening purposes due to its resistance to insect and weather damage and great durability.

We stock Northern Box in the following sizes:

  • 90mm x 19mm
  • 68mm x 19mm

(We also carry a 68mm cover board)

4. Silvertop Ash Screening

Silvertop Ash is a light colored Australian species which is very similar to Blackbutt in color and grain – it is slightly harder and offers a much better length specification. It is a high durability and comes with a Bushfire Attack Level 29 rating.

We now have 90x22mm and 140x22mm decking in stock. Please contact our staff if you require anymore information.

5. Treated Pine Screening

Treated Pine is both durable and an environmentally sustainable wood that is perfect for outdoor screening as well as being extremely easy to work with.
We stock treated pine decking in the following sizes:

  • 90mm x 22mm

6. Spotted Gum Screening

Spotted gum is an Australian hardwood perfect for outdoor applications due to its ease to work with and durability.

We stock spotted gum in the following sizes:

  • 86mm x 19mm

7. Variety of Screening Designs & Finishe

Timber screening can be as versatile as you want from horizontal, vertical and angled to screening that is painted, stained or left as is, totally depending on the look you want to create.

8. Fast Delivery Across Sydney

For your convenience, we can deliver your screening timber needs direct to your door anywhere in the Sydney metro area.

For all your screening timber supplies and advice, call and speak with the timber experts at Sydney Timber Supplies today.

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